Reality Break Podcast Episode 7 – Tobias S. Buckell

October 7th, 2008

Tobias S. Buckell

Our guest this episode is author Tobias S. Buckell. This interview was recorded at the most recent Dragon*Con in Atlanta GA. Tobias is the author of Crystal Rain, Ragamuffin and his most recent novel Sly Mongoose. He is an exemplar of the next generation of science fiction writer, and a writer of works that are both simultaneously rich satisfying science fiction and cracking good adventure yarns.

Quote from the show: “When someone like Charles Stross says something like ‘Maybe man isn’t meant to go to space’ I at age 29 think he might be right or might be wrong. It’s not important to the core of what I think is science fiction. Judging by our track record so far, maybe homey’s got a point.”

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